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Amicell Midas Gold Lifting MaskSkin Care Set (all skin type) is a premium collection of anti-aging products that work effectively. Various functions in one product! Just using a Midas Gold Lifting Mask pack will effect on anti-aginganti-wrinklesskin rejuvenationproviding nourishmentwhiteningmoisturizingdetox solution. Customers doesn't need to use any skin care product or other functional cosmetics. Disposable single use container. Users can carry it in her handbag and can use anywhere. It is easy to use and can see noticeable result even after a single application.After applying mask pack within only 10 minutesit will takes the whole effect. The effect will be outstanding as if the one cared in skin care parlors and many skin care centers use this product to their customers now.Does not cause skin to redden or itch. Keeps skin sufficiently moisturized. Customers need notto use additional soothing care while using this product. Only natural preservative system has been used for the featured ingredients(Natural Vegetable Preservative SystemNatural Aroma FragranceFree of UV Filters of BenzophenoneNo Artificial ColorFree of Ethanol)

Safety Information

1. If the contents get into your eyeswash out it immediately. 2. Do not apply the mask on wounds and other areas with dermalitis. 3. Please avoid eye are when you apply the pack.


effect on anti-aginganti-wrinklesskin rejuvenationproviding nourishmentwhiteningmoisturizingdetox.


WaterGoldMarin CollgenRoyal JellyPropolis ExtractKonjak mannanNiacinamidePortulaca Oleracea ExtractPaeonia Suffruticosa Root ExtractNelumbo Nucifera Callus Culture Extract


Apply an even layer to cleansed faceavoiding eye area with mask brush. Wash out after 1020 minutes

An anti-aging skincare set with ingredients clinically proven to visibly improve the signs of aging
Amicell Midas Gold Lifting Mask Skin Care Set is a complete and comprehensive skin care system anti-aginganti-wrinklemoisturizingnourishing and reveals younger looking product.
Amicell Midas Gold Lifting Mask is Made from carefully selected natural ingredients mainly. It contains various helpful and expensive ingredients(Pure GoldMarin CollgenRoyal Jellyetc). The ingredients of Midas Lifting Mask is the one that differentiate this product from the other skin care products.
Plentiful volume (100ml10ml x 10 pcs) Disposable single use containereasy to use
Luxurious gift wrap shipping for Christmasany gift

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