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Prevents Skin problems:
Wheat germ oil helps in providing you healthy skin. You can apply it externally on skin and it will sooth and repair your skin and will make it healthy looking. It contains vitamin E oilwhich is considered to be very good for skin.
Fights Fat Accumulation:
Wheat germ oil is a fat-fighter and it helps in reducing extra fat from body when used regularly. Source Of Protein
Wheat germ oil consists of 28 percent proteinand protein as we all know is also very essential for our body. Protein provides nutrients to the cellsand also helps to repaired damaged cells. Soif you are a vegetarianyou can substitute non-vegetarian products like meat with wheat germ oil. Healthy Hair
Healthy hair can be obtained by adding Vitamin E to your diet. If your body remains deprived of Vitamin Eyour hair will become very roughdry and they will start to break very easily.


100% wheat germ oil

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The wheat germ oil is extracted from wheat germwhich is used in making various kinds of foods.
Wheat germ oil is very nutritious oiland it has many health benefits.
It is a source of vitamins and mineralswhich keeps our body healthy from within.
Wheat germ is the best source of vitamin Eever known to human.
This oil is suitable for food and cosmetic purpose. Ships in a food grade plastic bottles.

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