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Our Pure Emu Oil has the unique ability to penetrate readily into living tissue. As such it is useful as an extremely effective moisturizer and emollient without leaving the skin oily. With regular use it causes the skin to grow slightly thicker and smoother causing wrinkles to appear smaller. It is especially useful for use around and near the eyes since it does not cause irritation. Skin that has been exposed to the sun for many years improves markedly. Although most of the Pure Emu Oil we sell is used as a moisturizer and emollientit has a vast number of valid therapeutic uses as well. HOW TO APPLY EMU OIL Everyone 100% Pure American Emu Oil. No additives or preservatives. Deodorized. Creamy white color.
Fresh supply every month.
Penetrates and leaves the skin moisturizednot oily.
Many therapeutic applications.
Safe for children. 1 to 3 day USPS shipping.

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