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Smell: Natural rich chocolate aroma Extraction Method: Cold Pressed Shelf Life: Stored in a cool dark place. Shelf-life: 2-5 years when stored properly. Melts: At approximately 90 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius) Please Note: The cocoa butter may naturally feel hard and dry at room temperature. Packaged: In a food-grade deli-containers. SOLD AS VOLUMEN. Please Note: Depending on the location or weather where this cocoa butter is going; you might receive it in a liquid form. If soplace the container in your refrigerator until the butter turns back into its structure. Color: Off-White to Golden. 100% veganrawnon-roasted. Free from pesticides/impurities. Nutrient-dense superfoodhigh in health-promoting flavonoidsflavanolszinc (supports acne and eczema)protein and minerals such as ironcalciummagnesium (improves poor circulationbone health)and chromium (helps balance /control / LOWER BLOOD SUGAR level and reduce appetitemaking it easier by helping you with a natural weight loss solutions. Application: Cut a small piece rub it in between your palms; the butter will melt instantly with body heat. A little bit can go a long way. Caution: This butter is not whipped. Cocoa butter is a firm solid butter.


100% Raw Cocoa Butter

All-Natural Skin Moisturizer with Intensive Healing Properties: is to smooth scarswrinklesand other marks on the skin.
Skin Nourishing and Moisturizing for DryCracked Skin and protects against UV radiation.
Essential ingredient in homemade chocolateCacao Butter is also great in baked goodswarm drinks and raw treats.
Extra emollience for body butterlotionscreamshair productssoap making and DIY Recipes. Preservatives; Vegan & Gluten Free
Highest Quality - 100% Money Back Guarantee. SOLD AS VOLUME. Non-GMO

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