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This is a practicaltravel-sized dental care kit. Easy to packeasy to storeand easy-to-use portable travel hygiene kit. The best floss picks for teeth to freshen breath and clean the mouth.

Travel floss pick set with no artificial flavor is gentle on the gums and teeth. This safe and gentle floss picks for teeth have a wide tongue cleaner that's more effective than other brands.

This floss picks for teeth is a versatile 3-in-1 flossing tool. Get a flossa sturdy pick and a wide tongue cleaner. This is the only floss with a pick with a wider tongue scraper.

Remove food residue in-between your teeth with this efficient floss picks for teeth set. Prevent bad breath with the built-in tongue scraper.

Use a natural toothpaste with this floss pick to complete your dental care travel kit. Flossing has never been this efficient and enjoyable on the go.

3-in-1 Dental floss picks with tongue scraper: The only floss picks for teeth with a fully functional disposable tongue scraper to freshen your breath. Great to use on the go.
Strong dental floss picks for teeth: Our strong floss will not break and can clean between tight teeth. The dental pick is gentle on the gums.
Deep cleaning dental floss picks for teeth: Use the dental floss pick to deep clean between teeth and gums. Use to massage your gums for oral care or just use it as a regular floss with pick.
Unique disposable tongue scraper - Your tongue is a major source of bad breath. Keep it clean with the dental floss pick built-in tongue scraper that will clear the food residue from your taste buds.
Great on the go - Perfect for travelofficein the car and everyday use. Everything you need all in one product. Extremely portableeasy to use and easy to dispose of.

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