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The Sanitizer Company Apres Toprosan Organic Shea Butter Moisturizer Hand & Body Lotion Cream + Toprosan Spray Bottle Unscented Carbon Neutral Organic FDA Approved Ethyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Cleaner + Avec Toprosan 10ml Plant Based All-Natural Essential Scented Oil. The Sanitizer Company Toprosan is To Protect and Sanitize. Toprosan products are designed for men and women to use after using alcohol hand sanitizer and use with unscented alcohol liquid hand sanitizing cleaner. Avec (With) Toprosan scented oils are made to use a few dops with hand sanitizing liguid spray to create your own signature scented hand sanitizer. Toprosan essential oils are the best authentic natural smelling scented oil to use with unscented liquid hand sanitizer. We also use the organic scented oils in a diffuser. They smell absolutely wonderful. Alcohol based hand sanitizing cleaners protect and can leave skin feeling dry. Apres (After) Toprosan with Shea Butter is specially formulated moisturizing hand and body lotion for dry skin. It leaves dry skin feeling nourished and soft. We use it after soap and water washingafter using alcohol hand sanitizer and at bedtime. Toprosan Moisture Lotion is a dry skin fixer! You're sure to love the Toprosan Product Line from The Sanitizer Company. Toprosan and ValueRays are brands you can trust. Search Amazon for Toprosan. Search Amazon for ValueRays.



Organic Moisturizing Lotion - The Sanitizer Company Apr

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