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After brushing teeth80% of the bacteria on your tongue remains uncleaned. If this goes on for a long timeit will form bad breaththick coating on the tongueloss of appetite.

"An essential oral cleanser for every family! RedyRun tongue scraper helps keep your mouth healthy and your breath fresh!"

RedyRun oral cleaning kit including 2 types of tongue scraper for better meeting everyone's needs.

-The 'U' shape scrappers are flexible enough to twist and turnwide and large scraping surface allows to scraping all the corners of your tongue.

-The 'Spoon' shape scrapers are two sides design. 'A' side is smoother that is used when there is less tongue coating. 'B' side is harder that is used when there is more tongue coating. The Wide-head version improves the efficiency of tongue scraping and makes tongue cleaning easier!

What are the benefits of using a tongue scraper

Remove heavy coating on the tongue

Remove bad breath and freshen your breath

Enhance your taste buds

Improve the appearance of your tongue

Restore oral health and maintain oral hygiene

How do we use the tongue scraper

Step 1: Clean and wet the tongue scraper

Step 2: Stick out your tongue. Use a tongue scraper to gently scrape the tongue from the inside to the outside. Repeat twice over the same area

Step 3: After scrapingrinse your tongue and oral with water

Step 4: Rinse tongue scraper with warm water and soapdry and store in a cleandry place.

what you will receive

4 pack tongue scraper

1 carrying case

Tongue scraper keeps bad breath away!

Tongue cleaning kit for adults and children. It comes with U-shape and Spoon-shape tongue scrappers which well-packed in a nice carrying metal box. U-type adjustable toungue scraper can be flexibly adjusted to scraping all the corners of your tongue. Double-sided design spoon-type tongue scraperwhen the first time you use itthe tongue coating is sensitiveso we use the A-side to scrape 3-5 timesand then change to the B-side. Bring a healthier and brighter smile to you and your family!
Effectively remove bad breath: Our professional tongue scraper cleaner helps you get fresh breath quickly and gently. Scraping daily will remove that nasty tongue coating and food residue of excess debris to help you maintain better oral hygieneimprove your sense of taste and improve your self-confidence.
Medical grade tongue scraper: Made of high-quality stainless steel which will not breaknot rustnot mold. Durable for lifetime use. The round head and arc line design make it completely fit the tongue surface when usingand clean the tongue gentlyquicklyand effectively. Easy to clean and disinfect
Upgrade design. Unlike cheap plastic tongue scrapersmedical-gradehigh-quality stainless steel can be easily disinfected without cracking or mildewmaking it an excellent self-care product. Ergonomic non-slip gripeasy to hold and operate.
After-sale service: We provide 100% satisfaction after-sale service for all the consumers. Reach out to us to receive a refund or a free replacement if anything happens to your new tongue scraper.

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