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  • Do You Need to Clean Baby Gums Before the Teeth Come In

Yes! It is hard for the little mouths to wash away milk residue which can build up on their tongue causing a white coating. Cleaning their tongue loosens and removes the residue. The earlier you begin oral cleaningthe easier it will be to develop a routine with your little one as it can help make the transition to brushing even smoother. Cleaning can be done at any time throughout the daybut try to do it at around the same time each day so your little one recognizes this activity as part of her daily routine.

  • How to Promote Oral Hygiene Once Teeth Start to Emerge

As soon as your little one starts to sprout teethyou should be brushing her teeth and gums twice a dayin the morning and before bed. Brushing at this age is important because it helps prevent from tooth decay and bad breath. Cavities can develop in baby teethnot just permanent teethso it DESIGNED FOR BABY ORAL CARE Little Fox toothbrush is an easy way to help make sure babies have healthy gums and teeth right from the start. Use our toothbrush to gently massage and scrub away milk and food residue from baby

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