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1. The foaming effect is goodand putting it in water will produce a wonderful phenomenon.
2. The ingredients are safedo not irritate the skinand will not cause any skin damage.
3. It can be used continuously to make the skin smoothermore moisturizedand more elastic.
4. It can make people feel relaxedrelieve mental pressure and promote sleep.
5. Multiple usescan be used as a bath foam balland can also be used to soak feet.

How to Use:
Bathtub of use: with warm watertake an appropriate amount of the bubble bars into bathtub bubble bars will gradually dissolve in the water while releasing a lot of bubbles and giving off a fragrant smell. Then start to enjoy the hot spring bath
Foot bath of use: Put a proper amount of warm water in the basinput 12 bubble bars into itand soak for 1015 minutes.

Item Type: Bubble Bar
Efficacy: Nourising bubble bath ball

Package List:
6 x Bubble Bars


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