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Are you a bath person but hate sharing a bathtub with other people

Highly recommend to use this disposable bathtub bags in the hotel bathtub.
No need to worry about the germsand spend all your time cleaning the tub which is exhausted. Just pull one bathtub bag outfill it up with waterthen enjoy a relaxing and fancy bath bomb bubble bath.

It can hold gallons of water without ripping and resist hot water up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit .Hot water will not damage the plastic.
Keep some bathtub liner bag in your luggageyou won't regret it.

All the wonderful thingsnone of the annoying things for your vacation.

Easy to use
step 1: Wet the bathtub,if your bathtub attaches to the wall,aslo wet the wall.
Step 2: Unfold the bathtub bag then stick it on the inside of the bathtub.
Step 3: Fill it up with waterthen enjoy your bath time.
Step 4: After bathingpoke a hole into the bottom and drain.
Step 5: Throw the bag to the trash can.

Once you filled water in the tubgo into or out of the tub carefully and slowlythe bottom may be slippery.

Legal Disclaimer

To avoid danger of suffocationkeep plastic bags away from babies and children. Do not use this bag in cribsbedscarriagesor playpens. This bag is NOT a toy. CHILDREN SHOULD BE ACCOMPANIED BY ADULT.

Package includes 7 bathtub bags47 inches in height204 inches in girthfits most of the American bathtub.
Non-toxicodorlesshigh-temperature resistantportable and hygienic. Individually packedready to go.
No need to clean the tub and worry about the germ of sharing bathtub. Best for hotel or household use.
Easy to useWet the tubunfold the bag then stick it into the tubpour water then enjoy your bath time. After bathingpierce the bag to let water outthrow the bag to the trash can.
Functional and relaxinggreat for bath bombsoil bathbath for your dogalso can store water for emergency use.

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