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Exfoliating Loofah Sponge PadsLuffa and Terry Cloth Materials Loofa Sponge Scrubber Body Glove,Perfect for Bath Spa and Shower-Men and Women

  • Firstwet the pad with warm water.
  • Nextadd some soap / shower gel / body wash to the pad. Gently but firmly rub the pad in circular motions against your skin.
  • For a refreshed and vitalising effectrinse your body with cool water. For a soothing and relaxing effectuse warm water instead.
  • Clean the pads after every use with hot water to make sure all the soap is gone. Let the pads dry completely in a non-humid room with good air circulation. You can sanitize the pads once a week by placing them in boiling water for a few minutes.

NATURAL MATERIALS:- The loofah pads are made of 100% natural loofah sponge and terry cloth materials which are natural and eco-materialskin-friendly.
DEEP CLEANING YOUR SKIN:- With natural and porous vegetable fiberthe luffa pads gently deep cleanse your skinremove horninessclear acne & blackheads and leave your skin feeling silky smooth.
EASY TO USE:- The items have a nice shape and size with a elastic hand strap and terry cloth backing designed to ensure the loofah pad stays in your hand for all over body scrubbing.
HOW TO USE:- Before bath spa and showersoak in water to become soft and dry in the air after usingbetter to renew replacement every four weeks like towel.
Stimulate blood circulation,Enjoy a refreshing and stimulating bath or shower massage.

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