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Operation of our this Derma Roller:

1. ALWAYS to use 75% alcohol to steriliz your Micro Roller.

2. Wash your face thoroughlydaub suitable functional nutrition on skin which needs to be cared.

3. Roll back and forth 4-5 times orderly and keep equably in speed and pressure.

4. Take your time and concentrate.

5. Move the Derma Roller four times at least in different directionshorizontallyverticallyand diagonally right and left.

6. Daub nutrition or mask products on skin where treated area.

7. Rinse your Micro Needle Roller under warm water for 15 secondsthen sanitize with alcohol.

8. After Micro Roller is Dryplace it in the plastic case and pouch we designed for you for Safe storing.


1. Please put it away from children.

2. DO NOT USE On acne or irritated skin.

3. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

4. DO NOT USE Under eyes or on lips.



Legal Disclaimer

Strictly for home and DO NOT share with others. Using a slight force to roll when start to use itsterilize your Derma Roller with alcohol before and after each use.

GOOD QUALITY: Our Micro Needle Roller with reasonable length handle that can ensure comfortable in the process of Home beauty using. The Roller Needle are made of the best materialthey are stronger for longer periods. Importantlythey will NOT easily bend and rust.
VISIBLE EFFECT: Our Micro Needling Kit has 0.25mm needle size which is the perfect length Derma Roller for home usethat is recommended as the effective starting on Derma Rolling. Using sizes above 0.25mm is not recommended for the first experience. This needling beauty is a must try!
NATURALNESS AND PERSISTENCE: After a certain periodthe area cared will be naturally harmonious.Keep youth foreverenjoy who you are,see the beauty of being you!
SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY: This Derma Roller Needling is ideal for both men and women use. Easy to operate at home or officeno need to spend thousands money and full day or more by other way when you can easily and effectively get the same results at home with our great Needle Roller.
EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE: The design of our Micro Derma Roller is for the sake of customersit is sanitized and sealed by a sterile pouch also with a clear case. For cleaning of the Roller after useduse 75% of alcohol to disinfect for 45 minutes. Then put it into the plastic case and pouch for storing so that can keep it clean and sterile. This Micro Derma Roller is made from the best Beauty Kit for you.

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