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Skin type: All Skin Type
Gender: Men Adults
Shelf life: 3 years
Package include: 1 pcs x Muscle Cream
Type: Abdominal Muscle Cream
Fuction: Remove Fat,Muscle Strong,Anti Cellulite,Fat Burning,Abdominals Weight Loss.

How to use:

1.Take the right amount of gel evenly on the lower abdomen.
2.Massage the abdomenback and forth up and down massage for 5-10 minutesuntil completely absorbed cream.
3.Throughout the process there will be a slight fever feeling skinmorning and evening once.
4.Recommendations with regular habits and a healthy diet in order to achieve better results.

Tips: put on the abdomen may have a slight fever feelingwhen you first useplease put a little lessso that the skin has a process of adaptation.After three hours can be applied generally cleaningor bathing is recommended smear campaign.

Body Slimming need be patient.
The skin could be changed totally in 30 days or so.
According to different physical ,the skin is different.
So even did not see result in a short time.
Please keep and insist on using it.
Someone even see result in a few daysPlease dont stop using.
It need to use for more daysthen you could stay the result .

PRODUCT EFFICACYhelps tightencondition and lubricate the abdominal muscles. Promote metabolism and increase muscle mass. Effectively breaks down fat and achieves firm body lines.
SLIMMING AND STRENGHEN MUSCLEImprove loose skin tissueenhance firmness and elasticity. The abdominal muscles you want can be seen clearly.
NATURAL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS Pure natural plant extracts,It is derived from a most unique formula that helps in burning fats and accelerates the metabolism and slimming process.It effectively minimizes the appearance of slackened skin due to weight gain and aging.
EASILY ABSORBEDWorks great for stomachhipsupper armsand body. This cream has a strong absorption capacity .It is super skin-friendly and will make your skin feel soft and comfortable.
HOW TO USE Massage for 10-20 minutes at the site where fat reduction is neededand wash after half an hour. (With better sports effect).

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