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How to use: Clean wound & surrounding areadry thoroughly. Select the appropriate size of patch. Apply the patch to the affected area & press down firmly at the edges. Replace patch as soon as it changes its color to white.

Acne patches are an effectively decision for the beauty of your skin. They provide anti-inflammatory healing effectabsorb pus and fluidscalm the skinflatten & soothe it. Protect pimples from all types of dirt.
Look invisible and can be applied even under make-up.
Waterproof and breathablethey give you up to 24 hours of protection. Can be used even at night If one of the patches is dirtyyou can easily change it for another one. The pack is easy to carry with you.
Made from hypoallergenic ingredientsspecial hydrocolloid bandage used. We control all the stages of productionso you can be surethat our products are of the highest quality.
For all skin types. Suit not only for womenbut for men & children.
Hydrocolloid bandage acne patches are the best solution for acnes & pimples treatment.
Absorb sectretion & promote skin healing.
Suitable for any age & skin type.
They are almost invisibleso you can feel confidentwearing the patches whenever you need it. You can also use it with light make up.
Special waterproof formula to fight against acne & pimplesother inflammatory or non-inflammatory problems.

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