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Are you looking for that beauty product in your bathroom that can solve many of your problems You do not have to look any furthersince rose water is a multi-purpose product with many properties for beauty routine.

What is the Rose Water

Made directly from rose flowers which makes for a beautiful scented toner with essential health benefits.

Rosewateris not an oil but is an essential floral wateralso known as ahydrosolwhich comes from organically steam-distilling the rose,petalsstemand all. Some Rose Water has chemicals or alcoholbut webelieve in using the pure thing so there are no other additivesletalone chemicals or alcohol. We don BUY 2-PACK AND SAVE! COMPRA DE 2 PIEZAS Y AHORRA! Refreshing Fragrance of fresh picked Roses. It is great as a skin tonerbody splash or added to bath water. Refreshing floral fragrance of fresh picked roses. Refrescante fragancia floral de rosas frescos recogidos. 16 Total ounces of Agua Rosas. Es magn

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