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Created with the most advanced scientific methods of Nanotechnology combined with the magic of nature and organic ingredientsAli & Shay - A Special Nano-Sized Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) using our Nano-Nutrient Delivery System simply makes the ingredients in skincare into much smallernano-sized particles so they can penetrate through top layers of skin to actually activate at a cellular level to brighten from the inside.
- Contains powerful antioxidants like Natural Vitamin C and Organic Aloeour facial wash is perfect(remove the s here) for women and men. Rejuvenates and is safe for all skin types with nourishing ingredients and a high-grade professional formula for antiaging and hydrating dulltired skin.
- Ali & Shay is a gentle daily use face wash to unclog and clear poresbreakoutsblackheadsand acne - Formulated with dark spot correcting ingredients to cleanse away acne and dull skin cells while fading the appearance of sun spotsdiscolorationuneven skin and damage from sun exposure.
- Through Nanotechnology our products penetrate deeply into the skin and keeping it bright and balanced from the inside out - Hydration from soothing botanical oils keeps skin clean and hydrated morning and night giving the face a boost from moisturizing organic and natural ingredients.
- Taking care of our customers is our highest priority; Our exfoliating facial cleanser for men and women was formulated to nourish and protect your skingreat for all skin types including acne-proneoily and dryto gently cleansehydrate and restore. Paraben & cruelty free.

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