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Ambi Skincare Fade CreamOily SkinUse this AMBI Fade Cream for Oily Skin to help reduce dark spots on your face for a more evennatural skin tone. This moisturizer and dark spot fading cream contains vitamin E and alpha hydroxy acid to rejuvenate your skinas well as sunscreen to help prevent further sun damage. This skincare cream is designed for people with oily skinso you dont have to worry about a greasy feel while working toward a more beautifuleven-looking skin tone.

Safety Information

For external use only. Do not use on children under 12 years of age unless directed by a doctor. This product is not for use in the prevention of sunburn. When using this product avoid contact with eyes. Some users of this product may experience a mild skin irritation. If skin irritation becomes severestop use and consult a doctor. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowedget medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.


Adults: Apply a small amount as a thin layer on the affected area twice dailyor use as directed by a doctor. If no improvement is seen after 3 months of treatmentuse of this product should be discontinued. Lightening effect of this product should be discontinued. Lightening effect of this product may not be noticeable when used on very dark skin. Children Under 12 Years of Age: Do not use unless directed by a doctor. Sun exposure should be limited by using a sunscreenagenta sun blocking agentor protective clothing to cover bleached skin after treatment is completed to prevent darkening from reoccurring.


Active Ingredients: Hydroquinone (2%)Octinoxate (2%). Inactive Ingredients: BetaineButylene GlycolCetyl AlcoholDisodium EDTAEthylparabenFragranceGlycerinGlyceryl StearateGlycine Soja (Soybean) ProteinIsopropyl MyristateLactic AcidMethylparabenPEG-100 StearatePEG-16 Soy SterolPentaerythrityl Tetra-di-t-butyl HydroxyhydrocinnamatePotassium Cetyl PhosphatePropylparabenSodium Ascorbyl PhosphateSodium MetabisulfiteStearic AcidTocopheryl AcetateWater.


For the gradual fading of dark (brownish) skin discolorations such as frecklesage and liver spots or the uneven pigment that may occur in pregnancy or from the use of oral contraceptives. Contains a sunscreen to help prevent darkening from reoccurring.

FADE CREAM: Ambi Skin Discoloration Fade Cream gradually fades dark areas for evennatural skin tone. Specially formulated to treat skin blemishes & discoloration associated with hyperpigmentation.
EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS: Includes 2% hydroquinonea dermatologist-recommended ingredient which safely fades dark spots to improve hyperpigmentation. Also contains sun screen to prevent darkening from reccurring.
SKIN BENEFITS: Formulated with Vitamin E to help soften & smooth skinalpha hydroxy acid to enhance results & sunscreen to prevent darkening from recurring.
TREATMENT & CORRECTION: Ambi Skincare offers cleansersbar soapstreatment itemsmoisturizers & fade creams to cleanexfoliatetreat and moisturize normaloily & combination skin affected by drynessacne & dark spots.
AMBI SKINCARE: A trusted name in skincare for more than 50 years and catering to the needs of Women of ColorAMBI Skincare continues to create high-qualityaffordable products that deliver proven results.

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