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Art wall "cherubs" by sanzio raphael 36x48 rolled canvas with 2-Inch accent border. cherubs from the sistine madonna the art piece 'cherubs from the sistine madonna' was originally a part of the famous painting 'sistine madonna'more commonly known as 'the madonna of san sisto'. the masterpiece was created by raphael (sanzio) between 1513 and 1514. the two cute cherubs in this painting are quite possibly the most famous angels/cherubs ever painted in art's history. "one of the most frequently discussed and a best-loved painting of the renaissance is raphael's so-called sistine madonna. for many people it remains the supreme example of western painting and its popularity is virtually as great as that of the mona lisa. all who have written about this picture have acknowledged the strange and baffling expressions worn by mary and the child jesusalthough attempts to decipher their meaning have frequently been evasive-"visionary pictorial composition" was one interpretation". rolf toman.

Artist: Sanzio Raphael
Title: Cherubs
Style: Oil on panel; 1513-1514
Image Dimensions: 36x48; Canvas Dimensions: 40x52
Reproduction is completely Made in the USA; Printed on High Quality Canvas and rolled into a Corrugated Kraft tube
Artist: sanzio raphael
Title: cherubs
Style: oil on panel; 1513-1514
Image dimensions: 36x48; canvas dimensions: 40x52
Reproduction is completely made in the USA; printed on high quality canvas and rolled into a corrugated kraft tube

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