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If you Teeth whitening gel refill pack includes (3x) 5mL gel syringes for a total of 15mL. Each syringe contains 10 whitening treatments (based on recommended .5mL per use) for a total of 30+ treatments in this refill pack.
Whitening gel contains dental-grade 35% carbamide peroxide in mint-flavor. Removes years of stains from coffeewinesodateasmoking and more. If used as directedmost customers see results in as little as 1 treatment with no sensitivity. The gel is safe for enamel as well as capscrowns and veneers.
Each syringe is capped for freshness and includes a screw-on syringe tip to dispense the gel. To usesqueeze .5mL of gel into a mouth tray and wear for 30 minutes. Alternativelyyou may squeeze the gel into a small bowl or dish and paint onto your teeth to whiten. Repeat this process for 7-10 days until desired results are achieved.
Gel is made in the USA which it is safe and highly effective. The gel is gluten-freekosher and cruelty-free using high-quality ingredients. Avoid low-quality competitor gel that is cheap and imported from China.

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