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With avocado extracta creamyvitamin-rich ingredient for hydration
Infused with vitamin E and shea butter
Locks in moisture for all day and night hydration
Leaves skin feeling ultra-conditioned and radiant

FANTASTIC HYDRATION. Get the most fantastic hydration only with Avocado Extract Body Butter. Give your skin the comfort of avocado extracta creamyvitamin-rich ingredient perfect for your skin care needs.
27/7 MOISTURE. Give your skin the moisture it deserves after a long exhausting day at work. This Body Butter is infused with vitamin E and shea butter to give you the 24/7 care and protection.
RICH AND LUXURIOUS. This rich and luxurious body butter locks in moisture for all day and night hydration. Experience the lasting freshness and overall goodness in a bottle.
ULTRA RADIANCE. Leave your skin in an ultra-conditioned and radiant feeling after use. Feel the majestic glow and youthful skin in one pea-sized rub.
NATURE'S FORMULAS. This skin care essential Avocado Extract body butter is formulated with natural ingredientswhich may cause color variations.

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