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Product Information:

  • Name: Bath Brush / Shower Brush / Dry Body Brush
  • Product Size: 14.37 * 3.7*1.7 inch
  • Material: PP Handle + Nylon Wool
  • Packaging Specifications: 1 * Bath Body Brush


  • 1. Smoother Skin-Use the dry skin brush to make your skin softer and smoother.
  • 2.Exfoliate-remove dry dead skinremove clogged poresimprove appearance.
  • 3. Stimulate the lymphatic system and effectively promote blood circulation

Improve Skin Texture - Dry brush can promote blood circulation and improve skin health. Soaking is used as a body brush to remove dirt and dead skineffectively promote blood circulation and make the skin glow and smooth
Perfect Design - Comfortable nylon bristles gently exfoliateand ergonomically curved long handles make you easier to use
Appropriate Length - 14.5 is long enough to cover all parts of the back. Non-slip and durable handles are different from wooden brushesyou don

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