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Bath ball with light fragrance can bring infinite fun to your life.

Enjoy Your Home Spa with LTJJW Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are perfect gift for your parentskidslover and friends. They are the simplest way to get a spa-grade feeling within the comfort home of your own . Relieve the pressure and the tensioncompletely relax and enjoy a good bath time.Our bath bombs do not stain the bathtub .

Product details

112 Pcs Bubble Bath Bombs with different Scent.

2Richer in BubbleStronger in Scent

3Natural handmade aromatic essential oil

4Exquisite Gift Set

Stronger in Scentlonger in Linger

While bathing with our bath bombs setsweet fragrance will spread around youmaking you feel like wandering in the flower sea. After bathingthe gorgeous fragrance will stay on your skin for a long timeas if surrounded by flowers every day. The scent on your skin can easily make you more attractive. Enjoy yourselfgirls!

Safety for Kids

The bath bomb in the water fast rotation and release beautiful bubbles.They will attract the attention of childrenbath time has become their interesting game timekids will love bath.Our bath balls are purely natural and handmadewhich do not have any harm to children's skin.Lovely mothers, enjoy a fun parent-child time with your baby.

Moisten the Skin

After a hard day's work, take a warm bath with our fragrant bath balls to help you put the trivial things aside. Bathing in a room full of soft fragrance will keep your skin moist and smooth.Listen to soft musicclose your eyessoak in a comfortable bath with our bath ballenjoy the quiet time.From this moment on,treat yourself.

Organic Natural & Handmade

Made of plant extractsnatural essential oils and plant pigments, LTJJW bath ball is very good for your skin. It can make your skin cleansmoothemitting a light aromaKeep away from the trouble of dry skin. Whether it's cold winter or hot summerthey can help you.

12 fragrances will bring you 12 different experiences.Every scent make you feel a kind of flower around you.

Many Ways to Use Our Bath Bombs

The sea salt of the bath bomb promote skin metabolismremove oilshrink poresand make skin smooth and delicate.

1 In the showerput it in a cloth bag and hang it on the shower head. It can clean and moisturize your skin along the water flow.

2 Youalso use a basin of water mixed withbath ball to clean your face.

3 It can also be put in a foot bath bucket with warm water, soak feet and relieve fatigue.


1 First fill the bathtub with one third of warm water. Please make sure the water temperature is appropriate.

2 Put the bath bomb into the bathtuband then continue to add water to the bathtub to make the bath ball melt completely.

3 The bath time is about 20-30 minutes, during which you may play soft musicclose your eyes and enjoy the bath.

4 After the bathyou do not need to clean againjust dry your body and enjoy the silky smoothness brought by LTJJW Bath Balls.

Bath Bombs Gift Set

Giving gifts to each other helps to enhance the sincere friendship between parents and children,friends and friendsandlovers and lovers.The bath bomb is suitable for the elderlymenwomenkidsetc.So it is a perfect gift for your relativesfriendslovers.

  • Package Dimensions‏:‎10.75 x 6.34 x 3.03 inches; 1.88 Pounds
  • Date First Available‏:‎January 262021
  • Manufacturer‏:‎LTJJW
  • ASIN‏:‎B08V1LSNT5
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