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Age-defying & Moisturizing.Prunus mume fruit extracthibiscus sabdariffa flower extract.Contains significant amounts of antioxidants.Provide moistures to skin.Contains no negative ingredients SLSSLES and parabens.



HIBISCUS EXTRACT: Rich in antioxidants and nutrientshibiscus helps fight free radicals and purifies the skin. Organic acids in hibiscus speed up cell turnover resulting in even and tighter skin tone
ANTI-AGING PROPERTIES: Hibiscus is known as the anti-aging plant that increases skin elasticity and boost collagen levels in the skin for an overall youthful appearance
TIGHTENING AND MOISTURIZING: Enhances skin barrier to absorb and retain moisture in the skin
FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Gentle to use for all skin types including combinationoilydry and normal
BeauKON DAILY SHEET MASK: Each pack contains one single use facial mask made from Tencel fibers. Made without synthetic fragranceSLSSLES and Parabens

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