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Our Story! At Beautify-U we want you to become your Own Kind of BEAUTIFUL. We design each clay stick to be extremely convenient & fun to use. Just spin out and apply! Full complete application in under 5 minutes. Our analysts are reviewing consumer insight and feedback everyday to continue in building designs that are both unique and fun! We are always pushing to exceed customer expectations and we love what we do. The dollar goes a long way and with this bundle we believe it is both ergonomically and consumer friendly. With researchwe have designed this bundle to be extremely easyin adding into your skincare routine. For You! Enjoy all the benefits of each clay mask stick in just under 5 minutes. No messNo hassle. We made it easy for you to apply and even easier to wash off. Notethe Morning Dew clay stick contains salicylic acid. This prime ingredient can be used in reducing acne blemishes by drying the skin out. Howeverirritation occurs within any of the clay stick applicationsdiscontinue use.

Perfect Routine - The Green Tea clay stick helps reduce skin irritation & improve both skin complexion & skin radiance. Salicylic acid is present and is used to exfoliate oilyacne-prone skin. The Charcoal clay stick has natural bamboo charcoal that draws out impurities for cleanerhealthier skin. The Pink clay stick visibly brightens & balances an uneven complexion. Leave your skin feeling clean and nourishedwhen applying these products!
No MessNo Hassle - We designed this mask bundle pack to target all your skincare concerns! Allowing you to enjoy numerous benefits in under 10 minutes. Avoid the mess from a traditional face mask and keep your hands clean with this product. No brush or utensil required. Just spin out and apply! Super convenient for travel or to mix in with your everyday skincare routine. These mask sticks are for every age and every skin type. Most importantlyit's easy to apply and easy to wash off!
How to use - Want to bring your skincare routine to the next level This 3 in 1 bundle pack makes things extremely easy. Having access to this mask stick bundle brings effects like BrighteningShine Control and Detox within minutes. Perfect way to start the morning or end the day! Apply mask evenly to damp or dry skin. Let the mask sit for 5-10 minutesthen rinse with warm water. Use 2-3 times weeklyas needed. Pair all three masks with one another for added detoxifying and balancing.
Why Us - We beat our competitors in qualityprice and effectiveness. We ensure each order is packed correctly and is made with care! We take pride in ensuring each order is correct and that these mask sticks will continue leaving your face feeling coolsoft and young! Use of these products will bring skin renewal to a whole different level. We believe everyone should become their Own Kind of BEAUTIFUL. Love it or we

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