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This machine is version 2.0with significantly less ringing noise in the ears. Most machines on Amazon are version 1.0 and make almost 3-times more ringing noise in the ears. When comparing machinesplease ask for the machine version. Thanks.

Esta máquina es la versión 2.0con mucho menos ruido de timbre en los oídos. La mayoría de las máquinas en Amazon son de la versión 1.0 y hacen casi 3 veces más ruido de timbre en los oídos. Al comparar máquinassolicite la versión de la máquina. Lo haremos Estaré encantado de enviarle manuales y videos antes de la compra. Simplemente envíenos un mensaje a través de Amazon. Gracias.

Stimulates your body's own fat burning abilities to quickly and easily break up fat cells. Firms up the skin and reduces celluliteresulting in a younger and more beautiful you. The machine can be precisely targeted to virtually any problem area of the body. The process is completely natural - it uses your body's own intrinsic processes to get rid of fat cells. You can have your very own spa machine - why waste hundreds of dollars on spa fees

This product works best following a calorie-controlled diet and/or exercise program..It breaks your fat-cells down into a liquid while leaving surrounding tissues intact.
It can be used on virtually any area of your body where you are carrying extra-weight.
There is no downtimeand the only thing you

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