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Kumkumadi Face Serum

Kumkumadi Serum is a classical Anti Aging serum to illuminate and add glow to your Skin. It consists of 26 Ayurvedic herbs that are known to reduce signs of aging and fine lines

Why Kumkumadi Face Serum

Fight Signs of Aging

Rare herbal extracts in Kumkumadi Face Serum may help to fight against free radicals on the skin to prevent aging and make skin radiant and glowing

Repair Dull and Dry Skin

Kumkumadi Face Oil is an effective moisturizer that contains 26 potent ingredients that may help to penetrate and heal even the deepest layers of skin

Illuminate and add glow to the Skin

Kumkumadi Tailam has been used since ages as part of beauty ritual and to illuminate and brightening the skin and prepare oneself for special occasions

Ayurvedic Herbs in Kumkumadi Tailam

Saffron - Herb from Kasmir

Saffron is known to clear uneven spots and may help to add glow to the skin that helps to enhance complexion

Sandalwood for Skin Glow

Sandalwood may help to exfoliate the skinsooth sunburn and may help to reduce signs of aging

Turmeric - Remedial herb

Turmeric is known in Ayurveda as healing herb that works wonders for condition riddled skin

Almond Oil

Almond Oil is extremely nourishing oil rich in Vitamin AC & E that nourishes and improve overall complexion

How to use Kumkumadi Face Serum

While Face serum takes about few seconds to applyit is important to apply the most potent cosmetic product- Face Serum - in correct order and fashion. General rule is to apply products in sequence based on their viscosity.

Step #1: Cleanse your skin with mild herbal face wash and exfoliate if necessary

Step #2: Depending on your habit and skin typeapply Facial tonerMist or simply splash the face with water. Pay special attention to hairlinechincheeks and nose.

Step #3: Take 3-4 drops of superstar Kumkumadi Face serum and lightly massage your face and neck with fingertips. The amount you may need may vary on your skin type but general rule of thumb incase of serum is that less is more.

Step #4: Wait for 4-5 min and apply moisturizer incase your skin feels dry. While Face serum contain moisturizersdry skin may require supplement of moisturizer

Anti Aging and Skin Brightening Serum - Completely natural Antiaging Serum which replenishes skin moisture giving it a supple and firm feel. Saffron and Sandalwood nourish the skin and impart natural face glow. Experience a visibly smoother and radiant skin care. Naturally scented with pure botanical blend of oils for hydrating skin naturally.
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