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Give Beauty as a Gift!

You can delight your beloved women with this skin care system. You can help them feel confident and beautiful every single day. Buy it for your darling wifedear mom or another precious friend. Give them beauty as a gift!

Feeling tired after heavy workout

A cupping therapy session will relieve the pain in those sore muscles.

It will easily reduce tension in the neck and shouldershelp with arthritisrelax your body and decrease muscle stress

How to use silicone cupping cups:

  1. Firmly squeeze the cup that you are using so you can get the air out of it
  2. Put the silicone cup on the skin with the rounded edges down without releasing your grip
  3. Now Release your grip. There should be some skin caught inside the cupotherwise try again
  4. Move the cup continuously; do not leave it stationary in one place to avoid hematoma!

Sample Massaging scheme 4-4-4-2:

  • 4 minutes vertically
  • 4 minutes horizontally
  • 4 minutes with S-like movements
  • 2 minutes pull the cup upward but without peeling away from the skin
  • These 4 types of movements can be done in all areas of the body Versatile and Multifunctional - We have compiled the perfect set of 4 cupping cups for your body. The two facial cups are designed to cover all areas of your face. The two body cups will cover the rest of your body. Micro Facial Cup - 0.6''; Mini Facial Cup - 1.5''; Medium Body Cup - 2.12''; Large Body Cup - 2.75'';
    Turn Back Time for Your Face - Face Cupping massage has visible anti-aging effects. It will bring more oxygen to your skinstrengthen the musclesimprove circulation and help it become younger and more elastic. Combined with the right topical cosmetics it can remove fine linesreduce wrinkles and double chinand even make your lips fluffier and plumper.
    Cupping Therapy Made Easier - This new generation Cupping Kit does not require pumps or matches to create vacuum. Just a simple squeeze gives you precise control on the suction level. If you feel the massage is getting painfuljust release some of the air or replace with a smaller cup. Cups by SanDine will quickly become your favorite anticellulite tool.
    Safer and More Reliable - While most of the competition certifies only the raw materialsour CE and RoHS certificates guarantee that our cellulite suction cups are long lastinggentle to the skin and easy to clean. This vacuum massage kit is produced from premium quality medical grade hypoallergenic silicon.
    100% Money-Back Guarantee

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