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Bath Blasters

Our Bath Bombs are entirely hand crafted to ensure you they fizz like crazy! Simply pop one in the bathand watch as it fizzesreleasing its perfume and essential oilswhile the Bicarbonate of Soda softens the water.

Bath Creamers

Soft skin comes naturally with these small but mighty melts. All containing pure Shea and Cocoa butterthey gently melt in your bathreleasing the nourishing and deeply moisturizing butters to condition your skin along with the pure essential oils.

Vegan Friendly Soaps

Our handmade Soaps are mildhave a neutral pH and gently cleanse. They're also made from a vegetable based glycerinwhich means they are Vegan Friendly!

Body Care

SOS - Save our skin! From Shower Gels to Body PolishesBody Butters to nourishing Hair Treatmentswe've got you covered with our Shea-richParaben and SLS free body care wonders.

Home Fragrance

With carefully complemented signature fragrances to scent your homeplus added pure essential oils to help alter or enhance your moodwhatever the weatherwe

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