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Nard 1L Body Lotion aims to deliver a strong vitality of Nard herbtaking roots in the barren cliffs of the clean areas of the Himalaya. Panthenola derivative of vitamin B-5 and Tocopheryl Acetatea strong antioxidantextracted from vegetable oils and natural ingredientscontained in body lotionaiming to deliver strong rapid hydration for dry skinsoothing irritated skin and leaving soft and moisturized skin all day long. Shea Butter composed of vitamin CAEremarkably nourishes the skinmaintaining healthyshinyand supple skin.


vitamin b

STRONG VITALITY FROM HIMALAYAS - The spikenard herb which lives in Himalayas independentlycontaining abundant of Sesqui and Coumarin ingredients helpful for calming the scalp and providing nutrients to skin. Nard Body Lotion promises to deliver the strong vitality of Spikenard herbs to entire bodyleaving it shiny and healthy.
STRENGTHEN SKIN MOISTURE BARRIER - Panthenolknown as Vitamin B derivatesattracts as many as moisture and locks it deep inside the skinleaving it feeling soft and supple. Tocopherylacetate derivated from vegetable oils protects skin moisture barrierminimizing moisture loss after cleansing.
RICH NOURISHMENT AND VITALITY TO SKIN - Shea Butter rich in nutrients such as vitamin ACE and Unsaturated Fatty Acid delivers perfect nourishment and vitality to skinleaving it looking glow and healthy all day long.
FAST CALMING AND SOOTHING CARE - Through Tea Tree extractCentella Asiatica extract and Lavender extractthe body lotion gives gentle and fast soothing and calming effects to the skin. Nymphaea Alba Flower extract and Portulaca Oleracea extract delivers moisturizing finish after cleansing for softer and smoother skin.
SAFELY USED BY EVERYONE - Safe products verified as low-irritation through strict tests and certified CGMP by cosmetics manufacturing certification. All ingredients contained in the product are carefully selected for being used by everyone without any worries.

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