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Why Use Dental Wax for Braces

Conventional orthodontic braces incorporate metal brackets that hold wireswhich run around the teeth. After a period of timethis wire is fixed to apply weight to the teeth and offer assistance direct them into arrangement. Some of the time brackets can irritate the delicate tissue inside the mouth as they rub against it. The tongue and cheek are particularly sensitive early onsince they haven Sticks Great to Braces: we tested several types of braces wax to ensure you get the best brace wax possible..sticky enough to stay all day on your bracesbut not so soft that it breaks apart when you try to use it. Just warm it between your fingers and stick on braces to soothe and protect gums.
Clear Wax So It Blends Into Mouth: This dental wax is clearodorless and tasteless so you forget it is in your mouth so it does not interrupt your life. This ortho wax is a great braces wax for braces and other dental appliances that can cause irritation to gums.
50 Strips of Food Grade Wax: There are 5 strips of clearunscented wax per pack. With 10 multicoloredfun and bright packs per caseyou get a total of 50 food grade wax stripsso you can feel confident to safely use this in your mouth.
Easy Grip Containers: Have you ever had a container that rips up your fingers when you try to pry it open Us too. That's why we ensured that these cases are as easy to open as possiblewhile staying closed in your gym bagpursebackpack or wherever life takes you.
Safe and Effective with Multiple Options: This Tooth wax can be used for dental filling and dental wax for broken tooth.

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