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Brickell Men's Clearing Scar Cream for MenNatural and OrganicScented

Founded in 2014co-founders Josh Meyer & Matt Bolduc were looking for premium men's skincare & grooming productsbut couldn't find a brand that met their needs. They wanted products that were not only the best on the marketbut also ones that used natural ingredients. They also were looking for a brand they could relate to as mensomething for the everyday man. After months of searchingthey decided to take the matter into their own hands and create Brickell.

What started in Matt's garagehas turned into the fastest growing men's skincare & grooming company in the worldselling in over 100 countries and gracing the pages of GQMen's JournalMen's Health & more. Over 1,000,000 men are using their products dailywhy not join them

Brickell Men's Clearing Scar Cream for MenNatural and OrganicScented

Our Men's Clearing Scar Cream is loaded with powerful ingredients that drastically reduce the appearance of scars and provide essential nutrients that help heal your skin. It effectively treats scars from acnetattoossurgeryand sun spots.

How to Use It:

This product should be used on cleandry skin after washing your skin with our Purifying Charcoal Face Wash for Men or our Clarifying Gel Face Wash depending on your skin type.

For acne scarring: Use this product once a dayat night on acne scarring.

For non-acne scarring: Use twice a day on a cleandry scar that has been cleansed. Gently rub a nickel sized amount onto the scarbeing careful not to tug the skin or scarwhich can lead to making the scar worse.

For all scars: While you should notice improvements within the first few daysplease allow 2 weeks for initial results.

Made With PowerfulNatural Ingredients:

Key Ingredients:

Vitamin C: An essential skincare ingredient that evens pigmentation around scars and acne scarringresulting in a brightenedbalanced complexion. This powerful nutrient also combats free radicalsrepairs skin damage caused by sun exposureand boosts the production of collagen - the skin's primary structural protein.

Key Ingredients:

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane): A nutrient found in most well known super foods (spinachkale) that brightens skin by reducing skin pigmentation issues.

Antioxidants: Natural compounds that calm skin cell inflammation while increasing blood circulation to reduce the appearance of scars.

What Else Should You Know

This premium men's scar removal formula leverages scientifically backed ingredients like Vitamin CMSMand Antioxidants to soothe inflammationbalance skin toneand promote healing in blemished skin. With regular usethis fast-absorbing cream substantially reduces the presence of scars and acne pockmarksleaving a replenished and healthy looking complexion.

In Simplest Terms:

All our products contain zero sulfatesparabensglycolsphthalatespetrochemicalssiliconesPEG What It Does: This men's scar cream clears both acne and non-acne scarringstretch marksand other skin lacerations.
Who It's For: Men of any age who have visible scarring.
How It Works: This fast absorbing scar cream uses a robust blend of tested ingredients to diminish scarseven skin toneand renew and brighten the skin.
Key Ingredients: Natural % Certified Organic ingredientsincluding vitamin CMSMand antioxidants.
Who We Are: Brickell creates skincare and grooming products for men using natural & certified organic ingredients. Our products are sold in over 20 countries and have appeared in GQMen's HealthMen's Journaland other popular men's magazines.

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