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Brilliant Extra Soft Toothbrushfor ExpectantPregnant Mothers Prenatal & Postnatal Carehelps to Prevent Hyperemesis Gravidarum & Pregnancy GingivitisCare for Sensitive Teeth & Sore Gums. The Brilliant Toothbrush revolutionizes the industry with its unique design featuring bristles 360 degrees around the toothbrush head. This innovative concept means you can better get in all those hard to reach places to ensure a cleanattractive smile and healthy teeth. As your body changes with pregnancyso too do your gumsresulting in sensitive teeth and gums prone to bleeding. Designed specifically to nurture an expectant mother's sensitive teeth and gumsthe Brilliant Toothbrush has more than 18,000 extra-softmicro fine bristles-almost 20 times more than the average toothbrush. This gives you optimal cleaning power that is soft and gentle on tender and bleeding gums. Part of the Brilliant Oral Care Programthe Brilliant Toothbrush for the Expectant Momlays the foundations of proper oral care for you and your baby. The program continues onto caring for you baby Expectant Mom Toothbrush of the Brilliant Oral Care Program that grows with you and your child throughout lifecustomized for each age and stage
Sensitive Toothbrush - Our finestextra soft round-tip bristles for gentle effective brushing for expectingnursing and post partum moms with tender and bleeding gums.
A Healthier Pregnancy - helps to prevent pregnancy gingivitis and dental caries and acid due to hyperemesis gravidarum

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