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Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Electric Facial Massager
Material: ABS
Optional Color: SilverGold
Power Supply Mode: USB Charging
Battery Capacity: 250mAh
Battery Model: 502030
Charging Time: About 2 Hours
Gear Adjustment: 3 Gears
Start Method: Double Click

How to Use:
Face: Lift from the cheek to the earlobe
Arm: Push and pull massage on the upper arm
Waist and abdomen: pull up and down on the waist
Neck: Roll up and down on the neck

Maintenance Notes:
1. Rinse or wipe with a clean towel. After each usewipe the surface with a clean towel. If the surface is very dirtyrinse with warm wateror use a soft cloth dipped in diluted neutral detergent to clean.
2. Dry the water in the roller ball vertically. Because there may be some moisture in the cleaning rollertry to wipe off the moisture. If moisture comes out of the ball during massagethis is not a malfunction of the instrument.
3. Wipe the surface of the instrument with a soft cloth. Do not wipe the surface with rough clothsuch as metal polishing cloth or wet wipes containing ethanol.
4. Place the instrument in a well-ventilated place and let it dry naturally and avoid direct sunlight.

Package List:

Generate micro currents through friction to activate cells and promote skin metabolism.
Simulate beautician massage techniqueslifting and firming skinremove skin fat and improve fine line.
Skin beauty and shapinghelp create V shaped face. Whole body shapinghelp slim legsshouldersarmsetc.
Use it with a moisturizing mask to effectively absorb the serum of the moisturizing mask; use it with a lotion to significantly enhance the moisture and firmness; use it with a cream to transfer the cream's nutrients to the bottom of the skin.
Diamondscut surface face fitting rolling ballkneading and massage the facebreak up cellulite and accelerate fat burning.

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