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Cardon | Cactus Based Skincare

Cardon Purifying Clay Cleanser provides heavy-duty face cleaning power without drying your skin.Why Clayyou ask

  • Clay has 4x the power of charcoal when it comes to removing excess oil.
  • It does not dry out your skin after washing because clay ionizes when mixed with water to hydrate your skin.
  • It helps control sebum and balance oil levels without irritating your precious pores.

How to Use

Apply a nickel-size amount to wet handswork into a foamy latherapply to face for about 30 secondsthen rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Pro tip: Pat your skin dry after cleansing (instead of rubbing it) to prevent unnecessary pulling of the skin.

Quality Ingredients

We GENTLEDEEP PORE CLEANING - Cardon Mens Facial Cleanser is a heavy-dutyfoaming face wash for men with oily skin or sensitive skin. Gentler than a face scrubCardon mens face cleanser keeps your face clean and clearand well moisturized. Can be used for acne face washmen beard wash and clay mask.
BETTER THAN CHARCOAL- Clay has 4x the power of charcoal face wash when it comes to removing excess oil and sebum without drying out the skin. This deep pore cleanser works for acne-prone skinbreakoutsand blackheads.
NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Cardon products are made with CACTUS EXTRACT to soothe irritation from shaving and the sun. This mens face wash also contains clay (KaolinBentoniteand Moroccan Lava Clay)and Centella Asiatica (cica)and vitamin E. Sulfate-freeparaben-freesilicone-freeand cruelty-free.
POWER OF KOREAN SKINCARE - Our products are developed using kbeauty skincare research and technology. Cardon is a mens grooming line focused on helping elevate mens skin care with cactus-based products to soothe and hydrate your face. Our products have been features in GQEsquireMen

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