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Wendy's new Cherry Soothie! This scrub does not foam and is made of sugar and oils. Massage the soothie over dry skin (legselbowskneesfeethands etc) and then rinse off. Do not wash just rinse the sugar off and massage the oil back into your skin. Contains cute blue poppy seeds too. It smells divine and is a must for the winter months. Your skin will drink this stuff up! Comes in an 8 ounce jarThese statements have not been evaluated by the FDAand this product is not intended to diagnosetreat or cure any disease.


sugarlanolin,olive oilcoconut oilsheasweet almond oilpoppy seedsfragrancecolorant


Massage over body and concentrate on troubled areasrinse the sugar off and allow the oils to sink in.

Exfoliates deaddry skin
Heals and soothes cracked skin
Absorbs quickly into the skin
Great for elbowshands and feet too
Natural ingredients

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