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Grisi Mother of Pearl is a soap bar formulated with Mother of Pearl and natural ingredients that helps cleaning your skin and maintaining its freshness. This Mother of Pearl bar soap is great for AgingWrinklesskin impuritiesfrecklesdiscolorationMalesmaAcneand acne scars. Its continued use helps small dark and age spots vanish. Its delicious fragrance will scent your skin and its exclusive cream Humederm moisturizes and restores your skin to its smooth and natural appearance. Directions: Lather soap in handwash and rinse. Can be used on hands and body. Ingredients: Sodium TallowateSodium CocoateSodium Lauryl SulfateMother of Pearl (Mineral OilBeeswaxShea ButterLanolin)HumedermFragrance. Packaging may vary



Exclusive formula helps cleanse the skin
Moisturizesrestores and smooths out the skin
Helps to vanish frecklesdark spots and age spots
Fit for all skin types
3.5 Oz of Natural Soap

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