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Natural Power

Powered by coconuts and citric acid to deliver a completechemical-free clean.

Cleans & Nourishes

Essential oilsVitamin Eand aloe combine to deliver happyhealthy hands.

Plant-Based Ingredients

Plant based and safe for sensitive skinfor a naturalpowerful clean.

Sweet Honeysuckle

Sweet honey with wispy fresh floral tones wrap yourself in a deliciously delightful aroma that makes for an incredibly smooth cleaning experience.

Blue Sage

Lightairy and revitalizing fresh sage sprigs with a faint hint of lime set the stage for a subtle and pure cleaning experience.

Grapefruit Basil

A soft but invigorating mixture of fresh basil leaves and aromatic pink grapefruit create a refreshing herbal/citrusy scent for an energizing and revitalizing cleaning experience.

About the Product

Freshening up all the spaces without any of the harsh chemicals. Every nook and cranny of your home is taken care ofwith a deepresponsible clean powered by coconuts. All 32 oz of your refills are shipped in reduced-wasterecyclable milk cartonsplus they Safe for Everyone: Gentlecruelty free liquid hand soap formulated for oilysensitiveor dry skin types.
Lavender Moisturizing Soap: Coconut oilolive oilvitamin Eand a specialized blend of essential oils create natural foaming without stripping natural oils.
Eco Friendly Packaging: Our hand soap refills are packaged in paper-based milk cartons to reduce plastic waste and are sustainably shipped.
RefillRecycleRepeat: Refill your own container or our refillable hand soap dispenserrecycle your paper containerand repeat.
Clean Commitment: Everything we do comes back to one idea: redefine clean. From ingredients to packaging to performancewe obsess over every detail. Togetherwe can contribute to a healthy planet.

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