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A Gentle Clean

Our smooth blend of essential oils gently cleanses your handsbodyand face.

All Skin Types

A nourishing clean that leaves your skin feeling softsmoothand refreshed.

Your Choice of Scents

We spend a long time getting our scents just right. Find your favorite today!

Bamboo Lily

Soft floral notes combine with subtle oriental tones to create a fresh and pleasing after-rain dew scent.

Blue Sage

Lightairy and revitalizing fresh sage sprigs with a faint hint of lime set the stage for a subtle and pure cleaning experience.

Grapefruit Basil

A soft but invigorating mixture of fresh basil leaves and aromatic pink grapefruit create a refreshing herbal/citrusy scent for an energizing and revitalizing cleaning experience.

Sweet Honeysuckle

Sweet honey with wispy fresh floral tones wrap yourself in a deliciously delightful aroma that makes for an incredibly smooth cleaning experience.

Juniper Sandalwood

A comforting warm aroma that springs to life with harmonious wooden tones for a soft and relaxing cleaning experience.


The tropical and fresh citrus aroma of lemongrass makes for a refreshing and relaxing clean.

About The Product

The smooth blend of essential oils in each bar gently cleanses your skin and washes away impuritiesso it feels soft and serene - like it just spent a day (or five) at the spa. Velvety and sudsyit Safe for All Skin Types: This gentlenon-irritatingcruelty free bar soap is balanced for all skin types and can be used on your facebodyand hands.
Moisturizing Soap: Coconut oilolive oilvitamin Eand a specialized blend of essential oils create natural foaming without stripping natural oils from your skin.
Powerful Clean: Made with healthy ingredients to clean and scrub your skin of dirtand excess oilleaving behind only the light fresh scent of Sea Spray & Aloe.
Eco Friendly Packaging: Packaged in paper-based packaging free of wasteful plastic.
Clean Commitment: Everything we do comes back to one idea: redefine clean. From ingredients to packaging to performancewe obsess over every detail. Togetherwe can contribute to a healthy planet.

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