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Stave off oil slicks & blemishes with our acne-fighting shine control sulfur soap skin care cleansing bar!

Proven to reduce shine & defend skin against bacteria linked to acne breakoutsthis handmade bar soap
is a pure product of nature. Enriched with 10% sulfurit soaks up excess oil to dry pimples & purify pores.

Unlike other bar soaps for acne & oily skinthis one is made entirely out of all natural oils & extracts!

10% Sulfur: dries out surface of skin & draws out dead skin cells to combat blackheads & pimples

Vitamin E: non-comedogenic oil replenishes hydration without clogging pores or leaving skin oily

Tea Tree Oil: anti-inflammatoryantimicrobialhelps kill germs & bacteriaaids in healing process

Lemongrass: nature's best skin toner; also performs as astringenthelps shrink pore size & firm skin

Coconut Milk: nourishing & rich in vitamins which help repair damagefade acne scarssoften skin

DIRECTIONS: wet skinwork soap bar into latherapply suds to damp skin in circular motions
let the suds sit for 60-90 secondsrinse with warm water & pat dry before toning & moisturizing.

Handmade in the USA from the purest ingredients on earthHerblov bar soaps are designed to support healing.

This sulfur soap bar is safe to use as a facial cleanserbody cleansersulfur shampoo bar for treating dandruff
& itchy scalp or antibacterial dog shampoo for treating mitesyeastscabies & other common skin conditions
(DO NOT let pets lick soap & rinse thoroughly)

Containing absolutely NO palm oiladditivesor synthetic preservativesour handmade sulfur soap bar is as
pure as can be. Clarifyingcleansing & mattifyingit's the best kept secret to naturally reducing shine & acne.

Toning troubled skin couldn't be easier. Click ADD TO CART to order your 4 oz handmade 10% sulfur bar soap!

PURE NATURAL 10% SULFUR BAR SOAP: Found to have antibacterial & antifungal properties which help treat acnepsoriasis & other skin conditions10% sulfur is the star component of this handmade bar soap.
MATTIYING FACE WASH FOR OILY SKIN: A naturally occurring mineral proven to absorb excess oilaid in the regulation of sebum production & gently exfoliatesulfur is gentler on skin than salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

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