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Collagen Facial Face Mask Sheet (12 Pack)

Our natural skincare mask products contain rich mineralsvitamins and a variety of extracts will soften and firm your skin while leaving it nourishedbright and vibrant. Our 6 different types of facial mask sheets contain 30g essence to moisturize and purify skin and leaves your skin firm and hydrated.

This pack is designed for recovery and nourishment of skin and it relaxes skin stressed out from yellow dust and UV rays.

Aloe [Hydrating & Soothing]

Hydrates and soothes sensitive skin

Great for skin damaged by sun burn

Pomegranate [Firming]

Improves skin resilience and moisturizing

Great for customers who often flushes

Honey [Moisturizing]

Contains honey that provides extra glow and helps regain skin [QUALITY NATURE INGREDIENT] These Facial Masks Sheets are made from natural ingredients and essential minerals. They contain a serum with moisturizing and nourishing properties that leave your skin softhealthy and shiny.
[HYDRATES & MOISTURIZES] Our Natural Skincare Facial Mask Sheet with balance water and oilthick and juicyhyaluronic acid will not only hydrating and moisturize but also brighten and improve your skin tonemaking the skin moist and tender.
[PERFECT All SKIN TYPES] This facial mask is suitable for all face sizes and all skin types. Whether you have dry skinoily skinor combination skinthis mask can create firmerhealthier and brightening skin with radiant confidence to you.
[FIX VARIOUS SKIN PROBLEMS] This mask sheet solves most skin problems such as HydratingRevitalizingBrighteningNourishingFirmingRadiancePurifyingPoreMinimizingSoothingRelaxing and more! Comes in a pack of 12 with 6 different types [AloeCucumberHoneyPomegranateBlueberry and Olive] all to meet your different facial needs.
[EASY TO USE] Simple unfold and apply to your face and leave it for about 15-20 minutesyou can have quick results targeting on hydrating. Using 2 or 3 masks per weekyou'll get better hydration. The independent packing is compact and hygienicconvenient to use at any time anywhere.

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