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* The Compress Facial Mask Is Convenient To Take And Save Lot Of Space.
* Strong Absorbency ,Can Clean Away Oil And Something Dirty.
* The Paper Is DryThere Isn't Facial Product Embedded In The Paper.
* You Need Additional Facial Product (Such As EggMilkSyrup) When You Use.
* The Facial Masks Are Smaller Than a Coin And Will Expand After Being Soaked. The Mask Will Become Full And Easy To Apply To The Face.

100% Brand New And High Quality
Color: White
Suitable: Any Skin Type
Materail: Natural Non-Woven Fibre


This Is Dry Compressed Mask. It Does Not Have The LotionFollow The Below Steps To DIY Your Mask.
Remove The CoverPut The Mask In a Small Bowl.
Immerse It With Water Or Cosmetic Facial Care Liquid Until It Spread To a Piece Of Mask.
Well Clean Your Face And Unfold The Soaked MaskApply It On Your Face.
Take It Off In About 10-15 Minutes.
Packing Included:


Dry Facial Masks- The Compressed Mask Papers Are Dry Facial Masks.When usingyou need to add other mask products (such as beauty liquidmilksyrup) to the mask.
No Chemical Composition - Made Of Natural Non-Woven Cotton--Do Not Contain Chemical Composition. No Chemical AdditionNo Chemical FragranceGreat For Sensitive Skin Care
Soft and Comfortable- Do Not No Harm To SkinVery Gentle And SoftPerfect For Facial Skin CareSuitable For All Kinds Of Skin
Lightweight and Portable- Individual PackingPortable And Convenient To Carry ,Great For Travel
Note- Put Mask On The Face Until It Is Half DryThen It Can Be Taken Down. It Can't Stay Until It Is Completely DryBecause When The Mask Is DryIt Absorbs Moisture From The Face

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