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Tired of checking multiple skin care products and didn Natural care brings a new Dead Sea gift box with unique design containing Mud Shampoo for frequent useRevitalizing Mud MaskMud Soap and Mineral Salt Spa Bath to nurture your skin needs and boost a healthy natural glow with consistent use.
The only shampoo that helps scalp and hair to high degree. Sooth your poor scalpit assists preventing split ends and dandruff. Revive your hair and scalp beyond expectationsif your losing hair like crazy due to stress at workshowing signs of breakage and damagethis shampoo with frequent use is the only solution to give you feel cleanlight and healthy.
Revitalizing mud mask is formulated to make your skin softsmooth and silky. Naturalsoothing and effective cleansing actionwith no skin irritationmeet with your breakouts needsurprise your family with positive changes and compel them with results to ask you about your face cleansing routine.
Mud soap based on gentle formula with pure dead sea mudsalts and argon oilwhich helps hydration of the skinwash away all impuritiesand excess oils without causing any dryness for the skin. Take a leap! You wouldn

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