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Our silicone scrubber body has more thinner and tighter bristles to give you a better cleaning experience. You will feel squeeky clean with our improved bristles.

Daidom Brushes help to combat dry skin by with a total cleaning experience. Our silicon body scrubbers protects against gross buildup. This means that the silicone loofah is easy to clean and maintain. No more unnecessarybuildupallowing your clean to be HIGH QUALITY: Our silicone body scrubber designed with soft silicone eco-friendly scrubbing bristles. This means our exfoliating scrubber is great for a healthy cleansing experience. Scrub skin worry free.
IMPROVED for CLEANER SKIN: This double sided silicone brush has tighter bristles. It will hold soap better for gentle scrub and remove dead skin. The massage side scrubber promotes more blood circulation. This skin exfoliating tool will leave your skin squeaky clean and more radiant.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Our silicone loofah back bath scrubber has a long 15 inch handle is steel reinforced for sturdier handling. We used high-quality 100% body-safeodorless and durable silicon. The body scrubber will hold its shape as it adjusts to your motions. The perfect exfoliator to reach those hard to reach places
FREE BONUS!: Silicone body wash brush comes with FREE SHOWER PROOF HANGER makes sure your flat body scrubber sticks to wall. Faster drying. All of the water drips offyour brush is ready for use.
LIGHT WEIGHT: Our Silicone body scrubbers for use in shower is a brush great for all ages and body types. The foaming silicone lufah scrubbing brush is great for back scrubber.

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