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All-naturalunscented mineral bath salts to soothe skin while you bathe. Dakota Free Bath Crystals use magnesium and sodium saltscombined with an emollientto soothe dry and itchy skin while promoting healing. Research has shown this combination of mineral salts to decrease itching and aid in cell regeneration. The science asideDakota Free Bath Crystals in your bath water feels wonderful on your skin and makes bath time a pure pleasure. Add to the bathtub while it's filling with warm watergiving the bath salt crystals time to dissolve. Rinse skin after bathingpat dry and apply Dakota Free Moisturizer for optimal results. Product use tips: -Bring the spa into your home and pamper your skin every day with Dakota Free Bath Crystals. -Make a soothing foot soak with warm water and Dakota Free Bath Crystals. Use for tiredaching or itching feet. -Soak in a warm water bath with Dakota Free Bath Crystals added to help relieve sore muscles or itching skin. -Soaking in Dakota Free Bath Salts is an easy way to increase magnesium levels in your body. -This product is very relaxingsoak before bedtime to promote healthy sleep. Chemical freehome spa bath product. Ingredients: Magnesium saltsPacific Ocean sodium saltscorn starch and vegetable glycerin (from palm ).


Magnesium saltssodium saltscorn starch and vegetable glycerin (from palm).

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