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Use this everyday face and body soap to deeply cleanse and detox skin and pores from impurities. The combination of Dead Sea MineralsShea butter and Argan oil will help keep pores clear and skin healthy for a deep glow. Great for both men and women. Excellent for post workout.


All our soap bars are a generous 7 oz which is larger than most other bars. We have manufactured them to generate a very rich lather to pamper you.


Activated charcoal draws bacteriapoisonschemicalsdirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skinhelping you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne. Activated charcoal powder is proven to absorb thousands of times its own mass in harmful substances


The Dead Sea RICH LATHER IN AN OVERSIZED SOAP BAR - these soap bars generate a serious amount of rich lather to pamper you and the gigantic size of 7 oz will last much longer than others bars. They have a gentle refreshingly cool eucalyptus scent.
DEEP PORE CLEANSING MOISTURIZING AND DETOXIFYING - Experience the face and body skin cleansing power of Dead Sea Salt and Mud and detoxifying bamboo charcoal and moisturizing shea butter. Rich in Dead Sea mud and salt and minerals that make skin glow and treat body and face acne.
Soap is more effective at killing germs than sanitizers and this Charcoal bar soap and Dead Sea Salt and Mud body soap bar will detoxify your skin with a high mineral composition of magnesiumbromidesulphurcalcium and potassium.
FOR ALL SKIN TYPES FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN - Made with organic ingredients that Dead Sea Mineral Studies show are great for treating and improving face acne and blackheads and body and back acnepsoriasisand eczema conditions.
UNPLUGS PORES and removes dead skin and moisturizes while treating problem skin areas. Excellent for after work out to unplug pores from sweat and dirt.

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