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1.What it is: A clay-infusedfoaming cleanserenriched with vitamin Complexthat provides nutrition and helps brighten while purifying pores 2.Skin Type: NormalDryCombinationand Oily 3.Skincare Concerns: Dullness and Uneven TexturePoresand Oiliness 4.Formulation: Fine and Creamy foam with capsules 5.Highlighted Ingredients: -Vitamin complex capsules dissolved smoothly to provide skin nutrition &help brighten -British White Clay gently removes impurities and dead cell -Nature carbonated hot spring water immediately provides moisture and PH balance 6.What Else You Need to Know: Vitamin capsules in this refreshing foam cleanser burst as soon as you start washing your facefor an invigoratingcitrusy rush that leaves skin feeling clean. It Vitamin Complex Capsule with Orangelemon and Grapefruit for Brightening & Nutritive right after Massage
Best Water for Skin((PH 4.5-5.5) :Nature Carbonated Hot Spring Water from JEJU Island Improves Resilience and Removes impurities
Deep Pore Cleanser ; British White Clay Removes Dead Cell and Impurities and helps skin purified
Eco-Friendly : It Is Not Using Micro Bids
Non-Irritancy: Tested at Korea Dermatology Research Institute with Safe prescription for sensitive skin and Great for All Skin Type

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