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DenTek Comfort-Fit Dental Guards are ready-to-wear with a slimsecure fit on the lower teeth to provide the same level of protection from nighttime teeth grinding as a full coverage dental guard. These convenientready-to-use dental guards require no boiling or microwaving. The five-point adjustment system makes it easy to find the perfect fit. Simply select the right position on the adjustable band and wear! The comfortable retention wall and durablenon-bulky bite pads provide protection without feeling uncomfortable. All parts are BPA and latex free. Made in the USADenTek Comfort-Fit Dental Guards will give you 6 months of protection from the date of purchase*. DenTek is the #1 OTC dental guard brand for nighttime teeth grinding**. Teeth grindingalso known as bruxismis when a person clenches their jaw and the upper and lower teeth scrape and grind against each other. DenTek Comfort-Fit Dental Guards help to prevent conditions caused by teeth grinding including jaw discomforttooth chipping and crackingand headaches. Go beyond brushing with DenTek! Help preserve and protect your natural teeth for a lifetime with DenTek's innovative dental care products. FSA- and HSA-eligible product in the U.S. *Proof of purchase requiredsee details inside package **Source: IRI Data Total Units Sold Ending 09.06.20 Multi-Outlet + Convenience Store

Safety Information

  • Major health problems or serious breathing or respiratory conditions.
  • Oral soresbleeding gums or any gum disease.
  • Cavities that have no fillingsor loose fillings or caps.
  • Difficulty chewing or pain of the jawteeth or face.
  • Two or more missing teeth. Stop use and ask a dentist if:
  • You develop sorenessbleeding gums or any other reaction inside your mouth.
  • You develop jaw painteeth painear painheadacheneck stiffnessor joint clicking when using this product.
  • The same symptoms persist after over a month of use.
  • The product falls out of your mouth easily.
  • The product disrupts breathingfeels uncomfortable or causes you to gag.
  • You have a change in your bite that persists more than a few minutes after removing the product. See your dentist every six months
  • Indications

    Scrub clean the hardest to reach surfaces in you mouth. DenTek Scrub Betweens are like no other pick.


    Insert pick between teeth and use gentle back and forth motion to remove food and plaque.

    DenTek Comfort-Fit is an easy-to-wear dental guard that cushions your teeth without feeling bulky
    Helps to prevent conditions caused by teeth grindingincluding jaw achestooth chippingand headaches
    1-year protection from nighttime teeth grinding; FDA registered device; BPA free and does not need to be boiled; made in USA
    Includes 2 dental guards and 1 antimicrobial storage case.packaging may vary
    #1 OTC Dental Guard Brand for Nighttime Teeth Grinding*
    *Source: IRI Data Total Units Sold Ending 09.08.19 Multi-Outlet + Convenience Stores

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