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Rejuvenating Body Lotion Made and Tested By Doctors

Bruising Cream made with ArnicaGreen TeaLicoriceand Chamomile

Cruelty-Free Healing Skin Cream Safe to Use on All Skin Types

Soothing Skincare for BruisesInflammationBlotchinessand Rashes

Moisturizing Lotion that ProtectsNourishesHealsand Brightens

Feel and Look Your Best with Dermaka's Age-Defying Face and Body Cream

ALL NATURAL: Dermaka Cream is made of natural plant extracts with added vitamins to aid skin health and be safely absorbed by those with sensitive skin types. Formulated with Arnica MontanaBromelainLicorice ExtractChamomile ExtractGreen Tea ExtractVitamin A (Retinol)Vitamin E and an Olive Oil Base.
PRE & POST SURGICAL CARE: It is not uncommon for patients to experience skin irritation following a surgical procedure. Dermaka Cream works to minimize rednessbruisinginflammation and staining after varicose vein surgerysclerotherapychemical and laser peelsaesthetic and plastic procedures. Used in medical clinics worldwide. Apply in the evenings starting 5 days prior to cosmetic procedure.
MANY USES: Dermaka Cream is formulated with natural ingredients that are inertand well tolerated by most people. Can be used on all types of skin disorders. Long-term use may be necessary in order to achieve the desired result.
FASTER HEALING: Our all-natural moisturizer contains plant extracts which are clinically proven to aid in skin healing and reduce bruising. Most individuals see a noticeable improvement in their skin condition symptoms within 24 hours.
TREAT EVERYDAY IRRITANTS: Dermaka Cream is often used to help relieve itchingpain and inflammation caused by irritants such as bug bitespoison ivysunburns and rashes.

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