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Say goodbye to any skin problems all throughout your body with this Premium Silk Protein Repair Soap!

This Skin Repair Soap is made from Silk protein fiber that comes from the cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm that is clinically proven to effectively remove acneblemishesdark spotspimple outburstsand other skin disorders.

Packed with skin loving vitaminsminerals and fatty acids that penetrate the surface layer of our dermis to provide much needed nourishment leaving your skin softelastic and brighter.

Main ingredients: Silk protein
Content: 100g

1 x DermRestore Skin Repair Soap

Silk Protein Soap: Select silk fibroin hydrolysatenaturally not irritatingdilute spotspromote melanin decompositionmake skin white and moist.
Skin Repair Soap: Use this soap to remove light makeupimprove and repair the skinrejuvenate dull and tired skinnourish and smooth.
Instensive Moisturizing: The silk protein structure is porouseasy to diffuse water moleculesabsorbing up to 50 times the weight of water for a powerful moisturized skin.
Anti-wrinkle Property: Its molecular structure is similar to collagen fibers that naturally increases the elasticity of skinprevents wrinklestightens skinsmooth and delicate.
Versatile Soap: This skin repair soap can be used and repair skin problems in your handsface and even in your body.

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