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Nourish your skin and calm your senses with the natural freshness of white tea. Experience a clean and rejuvenated feeling each time you washthanks to its Vitamin E antioxidant-rich formula and delicate aroma.


Soap (Sodium Tallowate*Sodium Cocoate*Sodium Palm Kernelate*Sodium Palmate*)WaterGlycerinFragranceCoconut Acid*Palm Acid*Tallow Acid*Palm Kernel Acid*PEG-8Propylene GlycolCamellia Sinensis Leaf ExtractTocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate)Sodium ChloridePentasodium Pentetate and/or Tetrasodium EtidronateYellow 5Red 4.*Contains one or more of these ingredients.

PAMPERED CLEAN: Leaves your skin feeling softsmoothsilky and nourishedfor a clean that pampers.
MOISTURE BALANCE: Clean rinsing and hydrating formula for the perfect balance of clean and moisturized.
GENTLE CLEANSING: Formulated with glycerin to care for your skin and leave it feeling moisturized and beautiful
CREAMY LATHER: Formulated to provide creamymoisture rich lather that washes away germs without drying skin

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